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Lò nướng bánh đối lưu Krystal

GIÁ :Liên hệ
As reliable as they are compact, the Krystal 
convection ovens are well suited for even the most demanding bakeries. 
Very simple to use, their versatility ensures perfect baking of breads, Danish and buns, a
Thông tin chi tiết
• 46.4, 46.9 and 64.4 for 400 x 600 pans 
• 48.4 and 48.9 for 400 x 800 pans 
• Number of levels : 4 to 10 depending on models 
• Door opening on the left 
• Opticom control panel on the right 
• Steam exhaust hood with optional exhaust fan 
• Alternative ventilation (clock and counter clockwise) for a perfect 
and even baking
• Oven front in polished stainless steel 
• Baking chamber in stainless steel 1.5 mm thick 
• Insulation by means of glass wool mattresses 
• Ergonomic door handle 
• Double independent steam generator allowing steam injection 
without ventilation (for oven with steam generator) 
• Motorized steam damper (manual on electromechanical control 
• Double window in door 
• Electrical stainless steel screened heaters with 3 years 
• Oven shipped fully factory assembled